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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


For EDU 106 students. Cynthia Rahming used a number of strategies and tactics in this match to win against a very able opponent from India at the 2010 Youth Olympics. Use what you have learned in class to date as well as the principles of war SUMO MOSES to explain her win in 250 words or less.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Japanese Arts

Based on the video Budo that you saw in class in about 250 words name some of the Japanese martial arts and tell the differences between them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bahamas Judo History from 2004

Bahamas Judo has a proud history that can be divided in two eras. Prior to 2004 and after 2004. This was a time when Modern Judo concepts were introduced and Bahamians entered the international scene.

What are your impressions of the Bahamas developmental cycle?

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Gokyo - Throws of Judo

So what is your favorite Judo throwing technique and which one do you think matches your body type and why?

Judo has perfected the art of throwing a resisting adversary on his back. In this video, Neil Adams, 8th degree Black Belt World Champion and two time silver medalist demonstrates 40 throwing techniques of Judo and gives competition examples for many. This is an excellent resource for anyone to have.

Mastery of throwing is very important in todays Judo.These throws demonstrate a fundamental understanding of balance, timing, speed and power. These 40 throws were chosen by Judo Masters in this order for teaching purposes. Most Judo Federations including the Bahamas Judo Federation use these techniques as a part of the  requirement for advancing in rank.

Competition Judo has recently shed many of the influences of wrestling and gone back to these fundamental Judo techniques. Judo is once again an exciting and dynamic throwing sport. Now we also have the advent of Judo on TV and youtube.

The Bahamas Open on April 6 will be an exciting event. We are looking forward to meeting and greeting all competitors.

Talk to you soon.

D'Arcy Rahming
President Bahamas Judo Federation

Friday, February 8, 2013

Judo Unbalance

How the body maintains balance is key to understand how to throw someone with maximum efficiency. The Judo masters developed the eight points of unbalance as a teaching tool so anyone could master this concept. Shinan Pereira, Miyama Ryu Founder, studied with the old masters and passed down this teaching. I have added some details which I found to help students grasp the concepts better, but my explanations are similar.

The Body is like a block of wood. It can be tipped in 8 different directions to achieve unbalance. To practice these positions picture a person standing with both feet forward and parallel and no wider than shoulder width apart. The first unbalance is directly forward. Have the Student (Uke) lean forward towards his toes until he must stumble. The second is directly back. Now have the Uke lean backwards until he is on his heels.

Third is directly to the right side. Now have the Uke lean until he is on the side of his right foot, eventually he will stumble. Fourth is to the left side and now the Uke leans on the side of his left foot until he eventually stumbles. The fifth unbalance is to step forward with your right leg. Now have the Uke lean and bend his right knee. He will NOT fall or stumble. Now have him move his head toward his belt. When his head reaches the center of his body he will stumble as his weight comes forward on his toes. This is called the right front corner.

 Now have lean backwards on his right foot. Again he will not fall. But by moving his head to the center he will stumble. This sixth point is called the right rear corner. The seventh unbalance point is a repeat of the fifth with the left leg forward and leaning forward to the left front corner and the eighth point is a repeat of the the sixth to the left rear corner. And now the fun begins. Have the Uke (receiver) attack the Tori (doer) with his feet in all of the eight positions. It is here that the Tori must now discover exactly how to move. For a practical example, take a look at the video. Let me know of any comments you may have about this exercise, including any different ways you may know of how to tweak it or make unbalancing more understandable.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank You.. You Saved My Life

I received a call during the height of the Iraq war from Iraq.
It was a former student of mine. A US army Officer. He had
called me to tell me "Thank you....You saved my Life."

He then went on to recount how he led a raid on a house,
after shots were fired at his command unit from the house during
a routine patrol.

He was the first man in and when he kicked the door down, he found
himself with a rifle pressing against his neck.

He immediately assessed the situation and saw a very nervous
man, behind the man were a couple of women and the realization
hit.... They were in the Wrong House. This was a father defending
his family.

The problem was his team was right behind him and all they
knew was someone had put an AK47 to his head. He quickly
disarmed the man using a technique that I had taught him
then stood between him, his two wives and 17 children so
that they would not be shot by his very worried team.

Over my 25 years of teaching I have heard "Thank you...
You saved my life" many, many times. From police officers
to women who avoided violence.

My Father used to say "It's not boasting if you are telling the
truth." So I say this to you.

I am one of the best in the the world in the field of self-protection.
I am an internationally recognized expert, author of books and DVDs,
Head of an international Jujitsu system, and a sought after Seminar

In fact if you can find someone with my qualifications in the Bahamas
I will personally pay for your lessons.

Let me help you to Stop Living in Fear

I am offering 30 days FREE for my kickboxing/jujitsu/ self defense course.
The course meets Tuesday 7:15 - 9 pm and Saturdays 12 noon to 1 pm
at my Headquarters on Joe Farrington Road.

What are you waiting for?

All the best to you.

God Bless.

Professor D'Arcy Rahming
9th degree Black Belt
Trainer of Life Champions
Youth Olympian and Pan American Medalists

P.S. You don't need to be in shape to start and you don't need any experience.
We now have an 82 year old woman practicing with one of my Instructors:-)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Upcoming Grappling Tournaments

All Star Family Centre will be holding 2 judo ground grappling tournaments before the end of the year.

The dates are: Oct 30 and Nov 27.

Time: 5-8pm

Where: Xavier's Lower School Hall

Ages: 3 to adult

Cost: $25

The theme for the first tournament is: Winning with Positions and Pins.
The theme for the second tournament is: Ne waza (grappling)

More details will follow.

Sensei D'Arcy Rahming

p.s. These are not Bahamas Judo Federation tournaments, so other grappling and wrestling schools are welcome to participate.